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Isolated Consideration of Influence Factors in Open Water Tests of Podded Propulsion Systems

In order to improve the power prediction and propeller design aspects of a podded propulsion system an extensive model test series with four propellers in two scales has been conducted at Potsdam Model Basin (SVA). To isolate the interaction effects between elements of a podded propulsion unit, a range of test setups have been developed including different alternative systems as well as model scale pod units. For all setups, open water tests have been executed. By comparing the results regarding the different setups, interaction coefficients could be determined to describe the influence, isolated parts of the propulsion unit have. The interaction coefficients are calculated analogue to propulsion coefficients in a self-propulsion test. Outcome of this series of model tests is a deeper insight of the effect that especially the shape of the aft fairing can have on the propeller characteristics, causing significant differences. For propeller design purposes of podded drives the knowledge of the interaction between propeller and pod can increase the certainty of the design process significantly. For powering and speed, the prediction of forces acting on the pod housing and the boss cap need to be considered.

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German Environmental Award 2022

On October 30th, the German Environmental Award was presented to our former colleague Friedrich Mewis and Mr. Dirk Lehmann for the development of the energy-saving device Becker-Mewis-Duct. We sincerely congratulate on this award.

SVA Potsdam On SMM 2022

September 6 – 9

Hall B4, first floor, booth no. 102.

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Among others, the following persons will be at your disposal as contact persons:

Dr. Masilge, Managing Director SVA Potsdam GmbH
Mr. Grabert, Head of “Resistance and Propulsion”
Mr. Froitzheim, Head of “Propeller and Cavitation”
Mr. Domke, Head of “Dynamics and Acoustics”
Mr. Lübke, “Computational Fluid Dynamics”

as well as other colleagues from the different disciplines.

Emission-free autonomous towing system
(11/2021 – 04/2024)

The aim of this research topic is to develop a concept for the increased use of inland waterways by inland freight transport. This involves providing a modern version of an old transport system, towage, taking into account modern drive and control technology. This will be made possible by modern tractor systems, i.e. autonomously operating lafettes or tractors on a rail system similar to a guardrail. The main advantage is that these tractors can be supplied with the necessary energy via the rail system. This should make an important contribution to the decarbonisation of freight transport on inland waterways. Continue reading “Emission-free autonomous towing system
(11/2021 – 04/2024)”

Kay Domke (SVA) appointed to ITTC’s Seakeeping Committee

Mr. Kay Domke, Division Manager Dynamics & Acoustics, has been appointed to the Seakeeping Committee of the ITTC for the 30th period of the International Towing Tank Conference. Tasks include consideration of the interim guidelines for determining the minimum propulsion power required to maintain the maneuverability of ships in adverse conditions in accordance with MEPC.1/Circ.850/ Rev.2. The Seeping Committee is composed of scientists from all continents and is primarily concerned with the behavior of ships in sea states. SVA is pleased with Mr. Domke for this honorable appointment.