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(01/2021 – 06/2023)

In the R&D project “Propeller Cupping”, the development of the new parametric SVA profile family laid the foundation for a standardised use of cup profiles in propeller design by extending the conventional geometry definition to include cup profiles up to supercavitating profiles.
In the project, this SVA profile family is to be made usable for propeller design for fast ships with large shaft inclination. Propellers with cup are to be critically analysed in order to find possibilities for improving the cavitation, erosion and operating behaviour. Essential parameters and the correct optimisation criteria for profile optimisation in propeller design must be worked out in order to achieve the objective of significantly improving the performance of the propeller at low cavitation numbers. Continue reading “ProCup2
(01/2021 – 06/2023)”

(06/2021 – 12/2023)

The project aims to demonstrate that autonomous inland navigation is possible and that autonomous vehicles make inland navigation economically viable even with smaller units.
The project objective is to provide a defined test field environment (sections of the Spree-Oder-Wasserstraße (SOW)) for research on autonomous and networked water vehicles, especially with regard to a new type of city logistics based on autonomously operating and electrically powered water vehicles. Continue reading “DigitalSOW
(06/2021 – 12/2023)”

Emission-free autonomous towing system
(11/2021 – 04/2024)

The aim of this research topic is to develop a concept for the increased use of inland waterways by inland freight transport. This involves providing a modern version of an old transport system, towage, taking into account modern drive and control technology. This will be made possible by modern tractor systems, i.e. autonomously operating lafettes or tractors on a rail system similar to a guardrail. The main advantage is that these tractors can be supplied with the necessary energy via the rail system. This should make an important contribution to the decarbonisation of freight transport on inland waterways. Continue reading “Emission-free autonomous towing system
(11/2021 – 04/2024)”

SVA Potsdam On SMM 2022

September 6 – 9

Hall B4, first floor, booth no. 102.

We look forward to presenting you with the latest information at our booth.

Among others, the following persons will be at your disposal as contact persons:

Dr. Masilge, Managing Director SVA Potsdam GmbH
Mr. Grabert, Head of “Resistance and Propulsion”
Mr. Froitzheim, Head of “Propeller and Cavitation”
Mr. Domke, Head of “Dynamics and Acoustics”
Mr. Lübke, “Computational Fluid Dynamics”

as well as other colleagues from the different disciplines.