Timed as Planned

The on-board measurements for the “AutoPlan” (funded by BMWi; reference number 03SX523) research project on a semi-planing boat were successfully completed in the Sea of Marmara near Istanbul. In addition to the on-board measurements, the boat, built by the UZMAR shipyard, was presented to the public for the first time at a formal ceremony.

SVA Potsdam was in charge of the on-board measurements. Measurement parameters included thrust and torque measurements on both ship shafts, rudder angle measurements and pressure pulse measurements in the ship’s outer skin at a speed of approx. 27.5 knots. The test program was developed in close coordination of all partners and included autonomously driven Z-maneuvers and turning circle investigations at different rudder angles. The intensive evaluation of the measurement campaign and the comparison to the model measurements resp. simulation calculations is the task of all project partners for the next weeks and months.

The R&D project “AutoPlan – Automatic Navigation Assistance System for Planing
and Semi-planing Crafts”

The project “AutoPlan” is aimed at the safe and environmentally friendly operation of (semi) planing crafts. The issue of safety is determined by the sporadic occurrence of unstable behavior: the so-called porpoising (pitching or trimming motion) and corkscrewing behavior with rolling motions. These phenomena significantly impair the safety of people and the ship and, last but not least, pose a threat to the mission objectives also due to time delays and additional fuel consumption.

Project partner:

UZMAR SHIPYARD (Kocaeli / Türkei)
Offshore Engineering Solutions Inc. (Mersin / Türkei)
FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS AG (Potsdam Deutschland)
TU Berlin – Lehrstuhl Dynmaik Maritimer Systeme (Berlin / Deutschland)
SVA Potsdam GmbH (Potsdam / Deutschland)
Piri Reis University – Marine Engineering Department (Istanbul / Türkei)

Figure 1: Presentation of the certificate of appreciation by A. Noyan Altug (CEO – UZMAR) to Kay Domke (Division Manager “Dynamics & Acoustics” – SVA Potsdam)

Picture 2: Photo of all project partners in front of the built semi-planing boat “AUTOPLAN”.

The semi-planing boat “AUTOPLAN”.
Turning circle manouvre with 20° rudder angle.
20°/20° zig-zag manoeuvre.