Propeller And Cavitation

The design and optimisation of propulsion systems is a specialty of the SVA Potsdam. In this area, the SVA has worked continuously on R & D projects, developed calculations, optimisation methods, measuring systems, as well as testing and prediction methods.

The design of propellers is achieved mainly with the use of the SVA-developed program system VORTEX. Propulsion systems such as ducted propellers, thrusters, and podded drives are calculated and optimised with viscous calculation methods (ANSYS CFX, OpenFoam).

For the experiments with propellers and propulsion systems, high performance measurement systems are used in the towing tank and cavitation tunnel. The investigation of propulsion systems such as jet propellers, steering nozzles, thrusters, podded drives with tandem or counter rotating propellers, and bow thrusters or inline thrusters is a special service of the SVA. For the validation of CFD calculations, LDV and PIV measurements and flow visualisation with high-speed cameras are carried out. In addition to the calculations and model tests, full-scale measurements are made with a focus on propulsion, cavitation, pressure fluctuations and noise.

A selection of our services includes:



High-Speed-Aufnahme von Ruderkavitation im Kavitationstunnel.

High-Speed recording of rudder cavitation in the Cavitation Tunnel.