Outdoor Model Tests

Investigations on manoeuvring behaviour that cannot be carried out at the testing facilities of the SVA because of the limited space and high speed occur in the field. The model’s behaviour is detected via a GPS system and by a LASER-optic gyroscope. All the necessary manoeuvres can be either manually or automatically controlled. In addition, so-called source manoeuvres are carried out in order to derive the mathematical model by means of a movement identification system.




Context Related References / Research Projects
[1] Steinwand, M.: System identification of manoeuvring ship models, SVA-CTO-Meeting, Juni 2004
[2] Steinwand, M.: Optimierung des Stoppmanövers von Schiffen mit Verstellpropellern und Hybridantrieben, 9. SVA-Forschungsforum „Theoria cum praxi“, Potsdam, Januar 2016

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