SVAtech Potsdam

SVAtech GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of SVA Potsdam GmbH. Unlike the non-profit parent company, SVAtech is commercially active. It’s area of responsibility is mainly the typical services of a model basin for the shipbuilding and also aerospace industries which require no direct need for research, but are essentially based on the use of reliable scientific data. As an engineering consultancy company backed up with model basins testing facilities, SVAtech accepts in particular orders with high material expenses and external services.

Readiness and customer proximity are the guiding principles of the small and dedicated team at SVAtech. Through the close link with the SVA Potsdam GmbH, the handling of complex tasks is possible at any time.

For the fulfillment of the tasks demanded of them, SVAtech can fall back upon the test facilities of the parent company but also has a friction measuring stand of its own: an experimental facility which is highly specialised and equipped with the latest technology for determining friction coefficients of various surfaces and materials.