Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

In recent years numerical methods have evolved into powerful tools for flow simulation and also enable the simulation of the whole spectrum of shipbuilding applications. Applications range from the simulation of ships at sea to cavitation to multiphase flows. By continuously validating the simulations with the SVA’s own measured results, high accuracy and quality of simulation results is achieved. The strengths of the numerical methods lay, in particular, in the field of shape optimisation and product development. In this way, clients can be offered an optimal combination of experimental and numerical investigations.

Simulation eines Zickzack-Manövers.

CFD simulation of a zig-zag manoeuvre.

Ruderumströmung mit instationärem Nabenwirbel.

CFD simulation of rudder flow with unsteady hub vortex.

Bestimmung des Rollwinkels für ein Lotsenboot in regulärem seitlichem Seegang.

CFD simulation roll angle determination of a pilot boat in regular beam sea.

SWATH-Schiff in schrägem regulärem Seegang von vorn.

SWATH ship in oblique regular seaway from ahead.

Simulation eines Schleppers mit rotierendem Propeller und freier Wasseroberfläche.

CFD simulation of a tug boat with rotating propeller and free surface.

Instationärer turbulenter Nachstrom eines Schiffes. Simulation mit hybridem RANS-LES-Verfahren.

Transient turbulent wake flow of a ship. CFD simulation with a hybrid RANS-LES approach.