Vertical Axis Rotors


Vertical axis rotors like the Voith Schneider Propeller (VSP) are special propulsion systems that give ships very good maneouvrability with very short control times. These systems are therefore often installed on double-ended ferries and special purpose vessels. In the SVA many ships with VSP’s were examined, such as tugboats, double-ended ferries with 2 and 4 VSP’s, and offshore supply ships. To get a deeper insight into the mechanism of action of Voith Schneider Propellers, several research projects were conducted [1], [2] in the SVA Potsdam. Among other things, the interaction of VSP and hull on double-enders [3], [4] was investigated. Here, a special SVA measuring balance was developed which in comparison to the standard methods, enables the measurement of the thrust in the model test and thus to determine the interaction parameters in propulsions tests. The interaction parameters can provide information on optimisation potentials.

In the project “Offshore Support Vessels with Voith Schneider Propellers” basic investigations were performed for the propulsion of OSV’s with VSP’s [6]. The focus was again on the interaction between VSP and hull. Simultaneously, the current methods of evaluation have been reviewed.

For model testing, VSP models are provided by the Voith company. For normal power and speed prediction, the thrust measurement on VSP’s is not absolutely necessary. However, the additional amount of preparation and testing time lends itself to optimisation questions.


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