Measurement Systems for Ducted Propellers and CRPs, Thrusters & Podded Drives

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Ducted Propellers

Kempf & Remmers dynamometers are used for propeller drives. The forces at the nozzle are measured with Kempf & Remmers single and multi-component balances that are coupled to the dynamometers.

Main Paramters Dynamometer/Balances for Ducted Propellers
FK1/R35I H29/R35X H39/R35X H39/R37 H36/R35X J25/R37
Thrust Tmax [N] * 400 1000 1000 2000 3000
Torque Qmax [Nm] * 15 50 50 100 150
Nozzle Thrust TDmax [N] 200 500 500 800 500 800
* Using Interior Drive Dynamometer


Contra-rotating Propeller

The SVA has the Kempf & Remmers contra-rotation dynamometer R40 for open water and propulsion testing. Open water tests with contra-rotating propellers can also be performed via the coupling of the H29 and H39 dynamometers in the towing tank. For the investigation of contra-rotating propellers, the K15A cavitation tunnel was equipped with J25 and H36 dynamometers from Kempf & Remmers. The dynamometers can be arranged in the measurement section so that measurements with contra-rotating propellers are possible at different distances.

Main Paramaters Dynamometer/Balances for Contra-rotating Propellers
FK4/R40/R35I H29/H39/R35X J25/H36/R35X
Thrust Tmax1 [N] 150 400 3000
Thrust Tmax2 [N] 150 1000 2000
Torque Qmax1 [Nm] 6 15 150
Torque Qmax2 [Nm] 6 50 100
Housing Resistance TPodmax [N] 200 500 500


Thrusters and Podded Drives

Model tests with azimuthing thrusters and podded drives are a focus of the work of the SVA. For the realisation of measurement tasks in open water, cavitation, propulsion and manoeuvring, different propulsion and measuring systems have been developed by the SVA. The system forces of the thruster and podded drive are measured with 3- or 6-component balances.

Main Parameters Balances for SVA Thruster Dynamometer
R37SR1/SR2 R37SR3/SR4 R37 R200
Forces Fx1 = Fy1 = Fy2 [N] 200 500 800 1000
Fz1 = Fz1 = Fz2 [N] 1000 500 2000
Turntable Fx [N] 100 100 manual 5000
Fy [N] 100 100 3400
Fz [N] 600 600 5000
Mx1 = My [Nm] 500
Mz [Nm] 15 15 60

The drive of the propeller and the measurement of the forces and moments on the propeller are carried out with SVA thruster dynamometers. Thruster dynamometers are available at the SVA for tests with thrusters or podded drives with pull, push, twin and contra-rotating propellers.

Main Parameters SVA Thruster Dynamometer for Single Propeller Systems
Z65/1 – /4 Z200 Z600/4, Z600/6
Thrust Tmax [N] 50 200 600
Torque Qmax [Nm] 1 7 20
Transmission * 1.615:1 2:1
Housing Resistance TPodmax [N] 200 500 500
Total Torque QGmax [Nm] 1 2.4 17
* Drive with an electric motor in the housing


Main Parameters SVA Thruster Dynamometer for Double Propeller Systems
TP200/1…/2 TP400/1…/2 CRP400 CRP600
Thrust Tmax [N] 200 400 400 600
Torque Qmax [Nm] 7 20 20 20
Transmission 1.1 2.1 2:1 2:1
Total Torque QGmax [Nm] 6 17 17 17


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