Propeller Workshop smp’15

Dear all,

at the workshop on cavitation and propeller performance held on the second International Symposium on Marine Propulsors smp’11 in June 2011 in Hamburg, the SVA hosted the propeller test case and introduced the controllable pitch propeller VP1304. The VP1304 propeller was published under the acronym PPTC’11. A large number of different research groups participated and enabled the workshop to become a success by their valuable contributions and their commitment.

The SVA is proud that it was also asked to host a case at the second propeller workshop, held at the smp’15 symposium in Austin Texas 2015. For the second workshop calculations of the thrust and torque, of the cavitation behaviour and of the pressure pulses for the propeller operating in oblique flow were requested. Again the controllable pitch propeller VP1304 was used and the data published under the acronym PPTC’15 (Potsdam Propeller Test Case 2015). Oblique flow was accomplished by a shaft inclination of 12°, yielding inhomoheneous inflow conditions.

In the following the geometry of the propeller and the experimental results (reports and videos) are given, which were used as basis for the workshop. Furthermore the data of the second propeller workshop can be also found, covering the assignment of the different test cases, the evaluation of the results from all participants and the presentatios given at the workshop.

With the hope to have provided somehow useful data for validation purposes and to have set challenging tasks for propeller flow simulations, we remian respectfully


smp’15 Data

In the following the geometry of the propeller and the reports of the test results are provided. On basis of this data the propeller workshop on the smp’15 was prepared.

1. Geometry


2. Propeller open water and cavitation tests in oblique flow (smp’15 propeller workshop, Case1 and Case2)


3. Propeller induced pressure pulses

    • Report (available soon)


We have prepared the test case data with precision and care and hope that we haven’t forgotten anything. In case questions arise please contact us (e-mail: We will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

smp’15 propeller workshop


1. Assignment


2. Data published before workshop


3. Evaluation


4. Presentations (SVA)


The final workshop proceedings are still in preparation, as well as the evaluation of the questionnaire.

Last but not least we would like to thank all participants of the workshop for submitting the results and for having put so much effort in the preparation of the requested data.

Best regards