Slamming Test Stand

In heavy seas, especially in conjunction with high ship speeds, due to the heave and pitch motions of the ship, the bow can come out of the water. When re-immersing and exceeding a critical relative vertical velocity at the hull surface, enormous pressures and forces can occur which can cause damage to the ship due to these impacts.

To investigate this problem experimentally, a hydraulic slamming system was developed in the SVA. With this system, pitching, heaving and coupled movements can be introduced with a frequency of up to 2.0 Hz and an amplitude of up to 10 cm on model ships. It can test models with a length of 5.5 m and a moving mass of 500 kg. By measuring pressure variations in the kHz range on up to 30 measurement points, local peak pressures can be identified.


Technical Specifications
Max. Frequency 2 Hz
Max. Amplitude 0.1 m
Max. Model Length 5.5 m
Max. Mass 500 kg
Max. # Measurement Points 30


Context Related References / Research Projects

[1] Fröhlich, M.: Einsatz eines Schwingungsoszillators auf hydraulischer Basis zur Untersuchung der Slammingbelastung von Schiffen, STG-Sprechtag „Schiffe im Seegang“, Hamburg, Oktober 1998