Sea Trial Evaluation

Prior to delivery and acceptance of new ships, the achievable speed for a given power and the power consumption for a given speed is determined in a trial (measured mile) with the full-scale version. Primarily, it is checked as to whether the contractual parameters have been achieved and, secondarily, whether the required EEDI is fulfilled.

To determine the delivered power, the torque and rotational velocity of the propeller for a given speed can be measured. This measurement can be carried out by the SVA onboard the ship with own measurement equipment.

Unlike model tests, the conditions in a measured mile are only in the rarest cases ideal. It can hardly be avoided that measured miles must be carried out in wind and waves, with shallow water effects, in areas of current, etc. To convert the environmental influences on the contract or experimental conditions, the measured mile results must be evaluated. The SVA Potsdam offers such calculations which are performed in accordance to the current standards of IMO and ITTC.