Open Water Test Dynamometer

Main Parameter
H29 H39
Propeller thrust T<max [N] 400 1000
Propeller torque Qmax [Nm] 15 55
Propeller R.P.M. nmax [s-1] 60 60
Max. Propeller Shaft Inclination [°] 30 30


Main Parameter
R25 R31 R73 R40
Propeller Thrust Tmax [N] 100 250 600 150
Propeller torque Qmax [Nm] 4 10 30 6
For propeller open water tests in the towing tank the following dynamometer types are mainly used: H29 and H39 from Kempf & Remmers. Both dynamometers measure the thrust and torque of the propeller. On both devices, a measuring balance for the thrust nozzle can also be mounted. The H39 can be equipped with a shaft which permits the measurement of the lateral forces of the propeller.

The dynamometers are capable for experiments with shaft inclination.

Open Water Carriages FK1, FK4

The open water carriages FK1 and FK4 offer the possibility to perform tests with internal propulsion dynamometers for ship models. Custom dynamometers from Kempf and Remmers are used for the measurement range and for the FK4 carriage, the counter rotating dynamometer R40 from Kempf & Remmers is used. A measurement balance for nozzles can also be mounted on both devices.