The use of numerical calculation methods offers many possibilities to investigate ship manoeuvres. In general, numerical calculations analogous to PMM-experiments (Planar Motion Mechanism) are carried out in which static and dynamic simulations are performed to determine the forces and moments as a function of a specific movement of the ship. From this, the hydrodynamic coefficients can be derived and fed into a mathematical model. With the calculation of a complete set of hydrodynamic coefficients, any manoeuvre can be simulated. To verify the quality of the numerical calculations, the calculation results are continually validated with the corresponding measured values.

Numerical simulations allow to:

  • Simulate manoeuvring behaviour in model and full-scale
  • Simulation of static and dynamic tests
  • Visualisation of flow, detection of separating flow
  • Design of control elements such as rudders, thrusters, etc.

The rudder is by far the most frequently used control element; it operates in the wash of the propeller. Below, the pressure distribution on the rudder for a rudder angle of δR = 20° with a rotating propeller is shown.





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