High Speed Camera

Technical Specifications
Brand Photron
Sensor Type CMOS
Max. Resolution 1024 x 1024 px, 2000 fps  
Max. Frame Rate 120.000 fps
Events that take place very rapidly must be observed with a camera with a very high frame rate. For this a high speed camera system from Photron in conjunction with Xenon headlights (cold light) with rates from 1 up to 2 kW is used. With this camera a maximum resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels at an image capture rate of up to 2000 frames per second can be achieved. Depending on the problem, by lowering the resolution, it is possible to achieve an image capture rate of up to 120,000 fps. This is made possible by using a CMOS sensor.

An observation of cavitation on rotating propellers is consequently possible. The advantage compared to the conventional stroboscopic technique lies in the possibility of an evaluation of the cavitation dynamics on the basis of video recordings and thus also their influence on the erosion. The main place of use for the high speed camera system is the cavitation tunnel.


Context Related References / Research Projects

[1]    Heinke, H.-J.: High-Speed Camera Observations of the Cavitation at VSP Blades, 2th Symposium on Voith Schneider Technology , Heidenheim, 6. June 2008