CP Propeller System

With an adjustable blade hub, the dynamic adjustment of ptich during testing is possible, for example, for stopping manoeuvres. The adjustable blade hub achieves the change of blade pitch with a multiphase motor with two limit switches built in which switch off the engine at ± 30° adjustment. The average pitch is marked on the inner hub. The angle is measured with a potentiometer. The hub is mounted on a carbon ring. The control data and the values of the potentiometers are transmitted via a slip ring assembly.

Main Parameters
Hub Diameter mm 60
Hub Length mm 57
Number of Blades 4
Propeller Diameter mm 250




Context Related References / Research Projects

[1] Steinwand, M.: Optimierung des Stoppmanövers mit Verstellpropellern und Hybridantrieben, 9. SVA-Forschungsforum, Potsdam, 28. Januar 2016