Cargo Ships

Frachtschiff in der Schleppinne

Using the latest measurement technology with the highest accuracy, all cargo ship types of any size can be studied. These range from inland barges to the largest container ships and bulk carriers. In the 280 meter long towing tank, resistance, propulsion and open water tests are carried out to create power and speed predictions. During the trials it is possible to determine the EEDI Index according to the resolution Mepc.214 (63) (2012 Guidelines on Survey and Certification of the Energy Efficiency Design Index).

To make cargo ships safer and more efficient, the SVA Potsdam offers various services. Testing to optimise the propeller rotation direction for multi screw ships as well as trim and rudder angle optimisation can result in significant power savings. For the design of a wake adjusted propeller, wake measurements are performed on the model.

The seakeeping of the ship can be determined in regular and irregular sea states and in wave packets. A cavitation tunnel (Kempf & Remmers) with modern measurement technology is available for the study of the working propeller under cavitation similarity.