With the 3D PIV system (TSI brand) the velocity fields in water can be measured. The possible field of view measures up to 800×1000 mm2 with a frequency of up to 14.5 Hz. At this maximum frequency up to 1200 frames can be recorded in one run. Beside the classical wake field data of velocity components along certain radii even the vorticity and turbulence intensity can be retrieved directly from the PIV results. Please refer to the table for more technical details. Read more about our 3D PIV system and its versatile applicability here.

Technical Specifications
Nd:YAG double pulse laser 190 mJ, max. Frequency 15 Hz
Resolution CCD cameras 2 Megapixel (1600×1200)
Colour depth/grey levels 12 bit
Max. recording frequency 14.5 Hz
Field of view 100×100 up to 800×1000 mm
Number of stereoskopic recordings per measurement run at 14.5 Hz 1200
Max. submersion depth of PIV probe 0.7 m
Max. submersion depth of single system components 4.5 m