3 Components LDA

Velocity fields can be measured nearly instantaneously, with high accuracy and high spatial and temporal resolution by means of a LDV-system. Laser measurements are performed routinely in the SVA since 1985. For this application SVA provides compact probes with integrated solid-state laser (PowerSight probe from TSI). The probes are portable and flexible in use. In the cavitation tunnel, a 2D LDV is mainly used. In the towing tank and for mobile tasks primarily a 1D system is applied. Both compact probes can be combined into a 3D measuring system. When a submersible probe is required, a waterproof 2D probe (83 mm diameter) can be coupled to the laser module via optical fibers.

LDV_SVA_2_small LDV_SVA_1_small LDV_DST_small


Technical specifications
2D PowerSight probe with 500 mW DPSS laser (561 nm and 531 nm) and 3 channel photomultiplier and signal processor
1D PowerSight probe with 200 mW DPSS laser 553 nm with 1 channel photomultiplier and signal processor
Use as 3D LDV possible
Beam spacing 50mm, lenses 250, 350, 500, 600 mm, minimum measurement volume length 0.7 mm, diameter 62 microns
Computer-controlled 3D traversing