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Various machines are available for the manufacture of propellers, appendages and accessory parts.

Automatic Cycles Lathe UT500

For the production of swivel parts (small batches and individual parts) the automatic cycles lathe UT 500 is available. Through the possibility of free-form programming, for example, propeller nozzles, outlets and other parts that are not purely cylindrical can be produced quickly and efficiently on this machine.

Main Paramaters Automatic Cycles Lathe UT500
Swing Diameter over Bed [mm] 510
Swing Diameter over Cross Slide [mm] 340
Swing in Bed Bridge [mm] 760
Distance Between Centers [mm] 1500
Vertical Travel Distance [mm] 680
Max. Turning Length [mm] 1140
Travel distance bed Bridge (x axis) [mm] 310


5 Axis Milling Machine UNITECH XV620-5AX

A XV 620-5AX 5-axis milling machine is available for machining of complex components such as model propellers, shaft struts and propeller hubs. The machine has a working area of 650 x 520 x 480 mm³ with a drive power of 10 kW and is well established in the field of precision engineering.

Main Parameters Milling Machine UNITECH XV620-5AX
x-Axis (Longitudinal Adjustment) [mm] 620
y-Axis (Lateral Adjustment) [mm] 520
z-Axis (Support Vertical Adjustment) [mm] 510
Tool Fitting (DIN 69871) Taper Shank SK40
Input Power at S1 100% [kW] 10
Torque at S1 100% [Nm] 64
RPM Range [min-1] 0 …12000


Milling Machine UNITECH VMC1200

The UNITECH VMC1200 milling machine serves to produce components made of metal. This is characterised by its large working area of 1000 x 520 x 480 mm³. The 4th axis, simultaneously controlled, attachments allow for the production of components (drive housings) that must be pivoted during processing.

Main Parameters Milling Machine UNITECH VMC1200
x-Axis (Longitudinal Adjustment) [mm] 1000
y-Axis (Lateral Adjustment) [mm] 520
z-Axis (Support Vertical Adjustment) [mm] 420
Tool Fitting (DIN 69871) Taper Shank SK40
Input Power at S1 100% [kW] 16
Torque at S1 100% [Nm] 60
RPM Range [min-1] 0 …15000




The SVA owns a 3D scanner system (ATOS Core 300) with the following parameters:

  • Accuracy of 18 µm
  • Object size with high accuracy (18 µm): 300 x 230 x 300 mm³
  • Object size at a lower accuracy (50 µm): 600 x 600 x 600 mm³
  • Manual two axes adjustment (lifting table, rotary table)
  • Projection of 3D elements
  • Automatic report creation

The ATOS Core 300 is used in production and quality control as follows:

  • Scanning of the geometry after milling (while model is still in the milling block). When the predetermined allowance is not reached locally, the milling process is continued.
  • Scanning of the model after the removal from the milling block and the evaluation of the target – actual comparison with colleagues of the workshop in order to specify the steps in the manual finishing.
  • Scanning of the model after completion, analysis of target – actual comparison, preparation of proof of compliance with the quality criteria and creation of an examination report.

Furthermore, components, test objects and geometries from existing measurement systems are recorded with the 3D scanner and provided for use in new experimental arrangements.





The Eden350V 3D printer is available for the manufacture of components with complex geometries and very small tolerances. It builds synthetic material up in 16 micron layers which are cured by UV light. This method enables the manufacturing of objects of any geometry with the highest precision.
Technical data
Max. component length x axis [mm] 340
y axis [mm] 340
z axis [mm] 340
Resolution Layer thickness [µm] 16
x axis [dpi] 600
y axis [dpi] 600
z axis [dpi] 1600
Accuracy Components >= 50 mm [µm] 200
Components < 50 mm [µm] 20…85


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