ITTC Benchmarking Test Case


Dear ITTC members,

the current ITTC scaling method for propellers is well proven and in use by the majority of the institutions. Nevertheless, problems with applying this method for unconventional propellers like Kappel or CLT propellers occurred and a need to update the procedure has arisen. Therefore the propulsion committee of the 27th ITTC conference has been asked to initiate a benchmark test for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) calculations, with the intention to investigate the capabilities of CFD to predict scale effects on the propeller performance. The propulsion committee of the 28th ITTC conference is continuing this work because no geometry of an unconventional propeller was available until now. Additionally, more data for the conventional propeller are needed.

For this purpose the controllable pitch propeller VP1304 was used to study the scale effects for a conventional propeller. The VP1304 was already published by the SVA Potsdam in the course of the propeller workshop under the acronym PPTC (Potsdam Propeller Test Case) held at the smp’11 conference in Hamburg.

As an example for an unconventional propeller, P1727 was chosen. It has been designed by SVA Potsdam for the ongoing research project “TIP RAKE – Further development of the prognosis methods for Tip Rake Propellers”, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

In the course of the ITTC benchmark, both propellers shall be investigated in full scale and model scale. Excel sheets are provided for the submission of the computational results. The evaluation of the results will be anonymous. Participants are also asked to specify the employed numerical methods and other parameters of their calculations in an Excel based questionnaire.

In case you have questions or encounter any problems regarding the workshop please contact us via

Please send your results before 29th February 2016 to the same email address.

With the hope that this call will meet the interest of many CFD groups we encourage everybody to participate and remain respectfully

Propulsion committee of 28th ITTC

Conventional Propeller: PPTC

The PPTC (Potsdam Propeller Test Case) was published in the scope of the Propeller Performance Workshop held at the smp11 (3rd Symposium on Marine Propulsors) in Hamburg 2011. Geometry and test results are published and open to the public.



Test description for ITTC benchmark

Unconventional Propeller: PPTC II



Test description for ITTC benchmark