Impact of Water Quality on Cavitation Behaviour


The Potsdam Ship Model Basin (SVA) helped to organize the propeller workshop at the smp’11, provided the test data for the propeller VP1304 and published it under the acronym PPTC (Potsdam Propeller Test Case). The provided test data comprised among others the open water characteristics and the cavitation behavior of the propeller in the small test section of the cavitation tunnel K15A of the SVA.

Recently the SVA finished successfully the joined research project “KonKav I” funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology which investigated the influence of water quality on the cavitation behavior of propellers. As test propeller the VP1304 was used. The partners in the research project were Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA), Institute of Fluid Dynamics and Ship Theory of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Institute of General Electrical Engineering of the University of Rostock (UniHRO) and the SVA.

In course of the investigation, the respective bubble concentration spectrum, as a function of the gas concentration and pressure (among others), was measured and put in relation to the observed cavitation. These measurements provide a more profound insight in propeller cavitation and offer the opportunity for a better understanding of this complex issue.


The recent progress in numerical cavitation modeling has led to a growing interest in the bubble concentration spectra, in order to feed the models with more precise data. The SVA was asked whether such data is available and could be provided. This circumstance led to the decision to publish the acquired test data for the VP1304, with the hope it may fall on “fruitful” grounds.

Two documents are available for download, the SVA report 3890 “Potsdam Propeller Test Case, Measurements of the Cavitation Nuclei in the Tunnel Water and Cavitation Observations with the Model Propeller VP1304” and the corresponding excel-file “VP1304-10Proz-cD-PP-corr-1.xls” with all test data.

In order to provide some background information regarding the research, selected papers are also given here, containig the following publications:

[1]     S. Yakubov, B. Cankurt, P. Schiller, M. Maksoud, T. Rung: An Advanced Euler-Lagrange Approach to Numerical Simulation of Cavitating Engineering Flows, 8th International Symposium on cavitation (CAV 2012)
[2]     S. Borchert, W. Kröger, S. Höhne, N. A. Damaschke, Z. Zhou: On Optical Quantification of Cavitation Properties, 8th International Symposium on cavitation (CAV 2012)
[3]     S. Höhne, W. Kröger, S. Borchert, N. Damaschke: Optical methods for nuclei spectra characterization in cavitation tunnel
8th International Symposium on cavitation (CAV 2012)

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